Start page

The Ninox start page is where you open and manage your databases – for example, create new ones, change their names or delete them.
a Tap on a database to open it and go to the database homepage.
b The menu button appears on the right side of the database label when you mouse over. Click on it to open the administration menu.
  • ‘Save archive as…’ allows you to send the database via e-mail or save in another App (like Dropbox). Use this operation to create backups for your database.
  • ‘Duplicate database…’ allows you to create a copy of the database. This can be useful, when you are about to make significant changes in the database structure and want to keep an old version just to be sure.
  • ‘Rename database…’ will change the name of the database. Keep in mind that database names must be unique and special characters are not permitted.
  • ‘Delete’ eliminates the database irrevocably after asking for confirmation.
c Use ‘New database’ to create a new one. Again, the name restrictions apply.
d Not only beginners will appreciate the template library.
Check back every now and then: we will be adding new templates on a regular basis.
e iCloud Sync
f The help menu allows you to:
  • Change the language settings.
  • Rate Ninox – Your rating helps us make Ninox more known and popular! And that enables us to put more work into its development.
  • Access this online help document.
  • Contact our support team by e-mail – we try hard to reduce response times. If you have any ideas or wishes related to our product, or if you have a question or you noticed an error, your feedback is welcome here. This way we can solve your issue and continue to improve our service.
  • Get information about other Ninox products and services.
g This only concerns users of the iPad Version. Some operations are only available for users who have upgraded to Premium. You can do that anytime as an in-app purchase. If you experience problems with the upgrading process, check the following:
  • Do you have a valid iTunes account? (Settings => iTunes => Account)
  • Is your device connected to the Internet?
  • Do you have purchased the upgrade, but the Premium features don’t appear to be active?
    • Check on the homepage, if it says “Premium” next to the Ninox logo.
    • Close Ninox by pushing the home button twice and then wiping Ninox upwards. Restart Ninox. Go to the upgrade menu and select ‘Restore previously purchased products’.