Beta release notes

Ninox 3.5.0 beta โ€“ September 22, 2021

All improvements and features in beta 3.5.0 are now available for testing on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android).


Responsive improvements for iOS, iPadOS, and Android

We've redesigned the Ninox app to automatically appear in its optimized form on all devices.

With the previous beta 3.5.0 version, the Ninox web app got a new responsive design. Now, this responsive design is coming to the native app as well. The Ninox native app automatically reformats the view for all screen sizes so you can easily interact with Ninox no matter whether you're using an iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone or tablet.

The following functionality has been redesigned for the Ninox native app on iOS, iPadOS, and Android:

  • Logging in or out of the Ninox app

  • Viewing the team workspace

  • Interacting with the script editor, e.g., adding new functions

  • Creating or adding views

  • Importing files

When starting the Ninox beta 3.5.0 native app on your mobile device for the first time, you will be asked whether you want to use the classic or new look. Tap the New button to try out the redesigned beta.

Ninox 3.5.0 beta โ€“ September 1, 2021

New features

Private Cloud and On-Premises

  • Configuration of custom-built features like SSO (Single sign-on) authentication

    • Single Sign-on (SSO) is an enterprise feature that requires a valid Ninox license purchased from Ninox or a certified partner.

    • If you ordered a custom-built feature like SSO (Single sign-on), you are eligible to receive an updated license. For Private Cloud servers, Ninox deploys the update automatically. If you are using Ninox On-Premises, we send you a new license file for uploading.

    • Once you have the new license, you can access new config options in your Private Cloud Server Administration.

  • Configuration of password policy

  • Configuration of default BCC for outbound emails

  • Configuration of snapshots and automatic backups


Beta API is available at and the web app is available at

  • Endpoint /recordsfor deletion of multiple records in a single API call

  • Endpoints /views/{viewid}/share and /files/{filename}/share for sharing and viewing URLs for views and files

    • Previously available in Ninox Scripting, our API now includes endpoints for accessing, deleting, and sharing views and files in the cloud.

For views:


For files:

  • Endpoint /execfor execution of expressions that can modify the database

    • A new endpoint that works similarly to /queryโ€”is available for both Public and Private Cloud. While /query allows you to only read data, /exec facilitates executing expressions that can modify your data as well as read it.

  • Endpoint /records/{recordid}/files to upload and attach files to a specified field

    • Upload and attach images to an Image field using the file upload endpoint. In the request body, pass a fieldId or fieldName with a valid value to upload and attach an image to a specified field.

  • Zapier integration for easier migration from Public Cloud

    • The Zapier integration, previously only available for Public Cloud, is coming to Private Cloud and On-Premises. Set up the connection by providing your API key and Private Cloud or On-Premises URLโ€”your Zaps do not require an update.

Testing Zapier requires access from Ninox. If you are participating in the beta program, we sent an invitation to the email address used for the beta newsletter.


  • Responsify: a new, unified mobile experience

    • Improved experience across all platforms

    • Responsive web design that accommodates different screen sizes

  • Transactional scripts

    • A new construct called do as transaction has been added to Ninox scripting language. do as transaction allows a set of code to run within the context of a transaction. The new construct behaves in the same way as do as server, and thus is especially useful in the native and web app. Run the script within transactions to achieve faster execution and higher consistency by either applying changes completely upon successful completion or by discarding changes if any of the code in the wrapped script fails.

  • Smart caching

    • Smart caching is now available to improve the consequent loading time of table views and execution of select queries.

  • Option to restart team

    • The user interface for running processes has been refreshed. The UI includes an improved design and the option to restart a team if itโ€™s slow due to a long-running script on the server.

Fixed bugs

  • File upload endpoints accepts tableName in URL

    • File upload endpoints and all other endpoints now accept tableName in addition to tableId in the URL.

  • Trigger after update for memory-bound fields

    • Trigger after update now works for memory-bound fields, i.e., both Global variable in memory as well as Per record in memory.

  • urlOf() function in Trigger after update

    • The urlOf() function used in Trigger after update now returns a valid link with a correct database ID.

  • databaseId() function in Triggers

    • The databaseId() function used in Triggers now returns the correct database ID instead of random integers.

  • Selection in Date field and calendar pop-up functionality

    • The date in the Date field can now be selected and the calendar pop-up remains visible.

  • Dynamic choice fields show 0 (zero) value

    • Dynamic choice fields (Single and Multiple) now support absolute 0 (zero) values. Instead of record IDs, 0 can be selected in Dynamic choice fields.

  • shareFile() function in Triggers

    • When using the shareFile() function in Triggers, some fields were either loading or not returning any values. This error has been addressed and the shareFile() function now returns correct values when used in Triggers.

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