To pop up a dialog with answer options

This function will trigger a pop-up with notes created by you. You can add a selection of options with answers to choose from, for example, Yes or No.

The running script is put on hold until the user picked an answer.

The result can be stored in a field or variable and therefore be processed in the further execution of the script.

The function can be executed only on the client. Learn more about execution context


dialog(string, string, [string])




dialog(title, message, answerOptions) To pop up a dialog with answer options.

Add this script to a button.

let title := "Delete record";
let message := "Should this record be deleted? Are you 100% sure? 
It will be gone forever. You cannot get it back. It will be gone and away."
let answerOptions := ["Yes, get rid of it.", "No! I still  need it!"]
if dialog(title, message, answerOptions) = "Yes, get rid of it." then
    delete this

Result: You should get this popup. By clicking Yes this record will be deleted.

See also

alert, which opens a pop-up message box.

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