Ninox, Mac app and iCloud

A few considerations when using Ninox on macOS and iCloud

Ninox and iCloud

You can use Ninox without a Public Cloud subscription by syncing your data via iCloud. There is

  • an app for iPhone and iPad and

  • the Mac app

for free download in the App Store.

Store your databases locally, or sync them via your iCloud on devices using the same Apple ID (iPhone, iPad, and Mac app).

Sync databases via iCloud

  1. Save your databases in the My Databases tab and select iCloud as the storage location.

  2. Your databases are displayed and automatically synchronized on all your devices in the respective Ninox app in the My Databases tab.

To work with others (in a team) on the same databases, you need a subscription for Ninox Public Cloud. Learn more about your options.

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