Test print with watermark

Download and print a test PDF to verify that the rendered report contains the desired data and looks as expected in your layout.

The test print contains a watermark. The proof print contains a watermark. The final, "real" print will not have a watermark.

Either toggle ON the option Test print in the Ninox UI, or alternatively use a custom script and the functions printRecord or printAndSaveRecord.

Option A: without a custom script (Ninox UI)

Using data from Example: invoice PDF, view the files below: a test print with a watermark and a final print without a watermark.

Option B: with a custom script

printRecord(this, "templateLayoutName", data)
printAndSaveRecord(this, "templateLayoutName", data)

The data object can include the property _options with testPrint which overrides the default settings set by the print engine in the Ninox UI, i.e., if you previously toggled OFF Test print.


  1. Add a new layout element, here: a button.

  2. Paste the script below in the formula editor.

  3. Save changes.

  4. Click or tap the button to run the script.

printRecord(this, "en_invoice_template", {
	date: "02.09.2022",
	notes: "Net 30",
	invoiceNumber: "RE-00001",
	totalNet: "1,342.30 €",
	totalGross: "€1,597.34",
	paymentTerm: "30.09.2022",
	vat: [{
			rate: "19%",
			amount: "€255.04"
	customer: {
		companyName: "Happy GmbH & Co. KG",
		salutation: "Mrs.",
		lastName: "Sorglos",
		department: "Purchasing",
		address: "Willy-Brandt-Weg 2",
		postalCode: "10178",
		city: "Berlin"
	contact: {
		name: "Elsa Excel",
		phone: "(030) 234 567 89",
		email: "elsa.excel@ninox.com"
	items: [{
			pos: 1,
			article: "Ninox Cloud",
			number: 10,
			price: "€120.00",
			sum: "€1,200.00"
		}, {
			pos: 3,
			article: "Ninox coffee cup (porcelain)",
			number: 5,
			price: "€7.50",
			sum: "€37.50"
		}, {
			pos: 4,
			article: "Ninox coffee cup (recycled)",
			number: 10,
			price: "€0.49",
			sum: "€4.90"
		}, {
			pos: 5,
			article: "Ninox basecap",
			number: 10,
			price: "€9.99",
			sum: "€99.90"
	_options: {
		testPrint: true


A report (PDF file) is created and downloaded to your local files.

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