Duplicate database

In the following we show you how to duplicate a database in the Ninox Cloud

How it works

Here we explicitly show you the procedure in the Ninox Cloud, i.e. in the Web App.

  1. In the corresponding workspace (Team), drag the mouse cursor over the database you want to duplicate.

  2. Click the gray drop-down arrow and select Create backup.

  3. Confirm the Create backup pop-up with OK.

  4. In the next window, Manage backups, you will find the backup you just created at the top (you can also tell by the date and time).

  5. Select Download backup (1) if you want to import/upload the database elsewhere (e.g. via the Import archive action field) or select Restore (2) to directly create a copy of the database in this workspace (Team).

  6. Done!

Tip: If your backup is not shown there right away, the database is probably a bit bigger and needs some more time. You can close the window and open it again later via the Manage Backups > Manual Backups action field and proceed as described above.

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