Row numbers and IDs

In Ninox, there are 2 ways to number a row and/or record:

  • The always visible row number

  • The ID for a record (No.)

Row numbers

This is the row header. The row number is always displayed. It always starts at 1 with the row numbers listed sequentially in ascending order until the end of the table.

The row number refers to a different record depending on how the table is sorted. In our example, the same record appears once in row 3 and once in row 4.


Then there is the unique identification of a record. This is automatically assigned by Ninox when a new record is created. It cannot be changed.

Internally, it plays a considerable role, for example when linking different tables with table references or selecting certain records.

But since you donโ€™t need them for now, Ninox has hidden the IDs column by default. However, you can display them at any time.

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