To identify the type of environment that is currently being used

This function lets you know in which environment Ninox is currently executed.

Your return values could be

  • web (on Ninox cloud)

  • mac (on the Ninox Mac app)

  • iphone (on the Ninox iPhone app)

  • ipad (on the Ninox iPad app)

  • android (on the Ninox app on an Android phone)

  • tab (on the Ninox app on an Android tablet)

  • server (if the function is executed on the server)

This function is quite handy if you use Ninox on different platforms and you'd like to execute an alternative script depending on the platform, for example for your forms.

To adjust your form according to your platform, you could show or hide placeholders based on the respective platform.







Result: tab (if you check it on your Android tablet)

ninoxApp() = "web"

Result: Yes (if you check in your browser)

If added in the field Display field only, if in the field settings, you'll see the respective field only in your browser.

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