Upload a template

The first step to creating and rendering a report is to set up a new print layout in Ninox.

Create a new layout and import file

  1. Open a database to open a table that contains records you want to print.

    1. Alternatively, open a database to open a view that references data from different tables or databases.

  2. Open a record. The record view slides in from right-to-left.

  3. Click the print icon from the toolbar on the right side of your screen. The print layout view opens.

  4. Click the plus icon to create a new layout. The Create new layout popup appears.

  5. Choose Dynamic, then click the Import layout icon.

  6. When selected, the popup displays the name of the file. Click the Create button to finish merging data from your template.

Next, you have 2 options how to get from a template in a text editor to a rendered PDF in Ninox: Option A: without a custom script or Option B: with a custom script.

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