Introduction to SQL Server Connectors


SQL Server Connector configuration is an Enterprise feature available on request that requires a valid license purchased from Ninox or a certified partner.

SQL Server Connector configuration is going to be released in 3.7.0 for Private Cloud starting September 20, 2022.

How SQL Server Connectors work in relation to Ninox

Notes on implementation

  • Some Ninox functions may change in future versions.

  • Current Ninox functions for SQL only work on the server side.

  • SQL commands with large data transfers may fail.

    • Data streaming is currently not available in Ninox.

  • We recommend implementing security options on the SQL Server side.

    • Any user can run any SQL command in Ninox.

  • We recommend setting up the login on the SQL Server side.

    • A dedicated log for SQL Server Connectors is currently not available in Ninox.

Supported use cases

SQL Server Connectors are particularly helpful in cases such as:

  • You manage your production data in an SQL database and your CRM data in Ninox. For some reports you need to fetch a fitting, complex product ID from the production database.

  • You manage your CRM data with Microsoft Dynamics Navision (which is based on an SQL database). You need specific data for your Ninox application. Instead of manually exporting .csv files and importing them to Ninox, you'd like transfer these files automatically.

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