Add licenses

Purchasing additional licenses for your current subscription

How many collaborators can I invite to my team?

You may invite as many collaborators to as many workspaces (teams) as you like. However, each collaborator must be covered by a license, either by your plan or by a license from their own subscription.
The user role, e.g., admin or editor, and the number of (own) workspaces (teams) to which a collaborator is invited are not dependent on any subscriptions.
Invite as many additional contributors as you wish as they will not be counted towards your plan's licenses because they are paying for their own subscriptions.
The owner is counted as a member of their team and also requires a license.

How can I purchase additional licenses for a current subscription?

Click Manage subscription in your Ninox workspace or visit the Subscriptions page directly. Specify the number of additional members required and click Check out to proceed.
You are then directed to our payment provider. After you pay, the licenses are activated and you can invite more members.
By adding licenses to your current plan, you're booking a new 1-year subscription for the total amount of licenses you need from then on. This way, all licenses expire at the same time.
The remaining time from the previous subscription that has already been paid for is offset against the new subscription.