To split a string into an array by using a regular expression

This function will split a string into single components using a regular expression. These components are assembled into an array.

The function requires a regular expression, which defines all possible separators. The separators won’t be included in the string array.

Using regular expressions might need some extra research. We recommend checking regular expressions on https://regex101.com/ (external link).

The function can for example help you to process imported data, which contains different information bits in a text field, for example, an address.

If you know the order of your data, you can use item to access each element within the generated array again individually.


splitx(string, string)




splitx(myText, regex)

splitx("666&1234$55f999", "\D")

Result: 666,1234,55,999 (all non-numeric characters are separators)

See also

split, which splits a string into an array at each separator.

item, which extracts a value of an array or an object.

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