Working together on databases

Invite colleagues to your workspace to collaborate with them on databases

When you use Ninox in the cloud, you can collaborate with colleagues around the world on your database.

That’s why we’re showing you here how you can invite your colleagues into your workspace so that they can collaborate on your Ninox application.

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How to do it

  1. Go to the workspace where you want to invite a colleague.

  2. Click + Invite on the right. A pop-up opens.

  3. Enter the corresponding email address, select which access rights the colleague should have, and in which language he or she should receive the email invitation (English or German).

  4. And go! Send your invitation.

Your colleague will receive an invitation with a link that he or she can use to register or log in to Ninox.

Show open invitations

You can see your open invitations in your workspace overview.

By clicking on the appropriate email address, you can

  • resend or

  • revoke your invitation.

Congratulations! 💐

You’ve successfully completed the Ninox step-by-step basics tutorial and thus got to grips with the most important basics for building your own application.

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