Apply colors dynamically on elements with the bindColor marker.

The bindColor marker is supported on:

  • text and background colors

  • table cells background

  • shapes backgrounds and lines colors for DOCX files only

Shapes background and lines colors in DOCX

  • write the bindColor marker in the document body, not in the alternative text of shapes

  • the replaced color format must be solely RGB

A bindColor marker replaces a color reference on the template with a new color coming from your JSON dataset in Ninox.

Prototype and arguments details

{bindColor(myColorToBind, myFormat) = myVar}


  • a temporary hexadecimal color applied to a text, background or a cell background

  • used to identify the color to replace

  • the hexadecimal is case insensitive and the hashtag at the beginning is optional

In Microsoft Word, only a color name can be used to replace the background color of a text. Learn more about the Microsoft Word exception.


  • the new color format expected from the marker myVar

  • available Color formats


The marker that corresponds to the new color.

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