Option A: without a custom script

Follow CamelCase and underscore notation in template

Without a custom script, your template (e.g., a DOCX file) must follow the proper notation for field names.

Field names need to be written with CamelCase or using underscore _. If you write a field name with any other characters, including white spaces, data for that field is not rendered.


βœ… LastName

βœ… last_name

βœ… Last_Name

βœ… last_Name

❌ Last Name

❌ last-name

Set recursion level

By default, the recursion level is set to a minimum of 3. The recursion works as follows:

  • root record = 1

  • subtable in root = 2

  • another table within the subtable = 3


Either leave the recursion level set to its default or consider increasing the number of recursions, based on your needs.

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