To return a rich text representation of any value

With this function, you can display text that contains HTML tags. You can use all basic HTML tags for display, but also tables, lists, and inline styles.

The result can be displayed in a formula field, for example, or be used together with sendEmail().

In a normal text field, any HTML tags will not be interpreted but simply displayed as text.

In a Rich text field, the text will be formatted according to the HTML tags.






html("<b>Ninox</b> is <i>great</i>!")

Result: Ninox is great!

'Rich text' := html("<div style=""height:100px;width:100px;background-color:red;""><b>Ninox</b> is <i>great</i></div>!")

Result: Ninox is great! in a red box with the size (100px x 100px) in a Rich text field.

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