To return the current time

With this function, you can return the current time or set a time.

You can use this function for calculations with other time-related data types.

In an appointment, you need to specify if you want to address the start or the end.

Each component of the time value, i.e. hour, minute, seconds, and milliseconds, can be processed individually if needed.




time(number, number)

time(number, number, number)

time(number, number, number, number)




time() To return the current time.



  • 06:00 PM (US)

  • 18:00 (UK)

(for example, if thatโ€™s the time when you process the function)

time(myTimeValue) To convert a given time-related value to a time value. If the value is a number, it represents the Unix time in milliseconds.


Result: Time of the end of the Appointment field

time(hour, minute) To return a time value out of the given hour and minute numbers.

time(18, 0) 

Result: 06:00 PM (US) and 18:00 (UK)

time(hour, minute, second) To return a time value out of the given hour, minute, and second numbers.

time(hour, minute, second, millisecond) To return a time value out of the given hour, minute, second, and millisecond numbers.

See also

date, which converts to or returns a date value.

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