Ninox operators

The most important operators for writing scripts



A "defined as equal to" operator assigns a value to a field or variable.

Text := "Hello world!"

let x := 1000;

x := 2


A semicolon ends a line. If you define variables (with let), the semicolon is also inserted automatically and subsequently by Ninox.

let x := 1000;


Double quotes highlight text, i.e., everything inside should be used as normal text.

"Hello" + " " + "world!" => Hello world!

Text := "Hello world!"=> Hello world!


Single quotes enclose table or field names that contain spaces or special characters so that Ninox detects they belong together.

'Total net' + " " + "(VAT not included)"

=> 425,00 € (VAT not included)

Note: 'Total net' is a field name in your database. "(VAT not included)" is text appended to the amount.


A dot lets you access fields of records or values of JSON objects.

For example, access all customer IDs in the Customers table with (select Customers).CustomerIDs.

--- ---

An alternative to double quotes (see above) is a 3 minus sign to help make dynamic text more clear.

---Hello world!--- => Hello world!

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