To convert a value to a string and possibly reflect the format options

With this function, you can convert almost any data type at Ninox to a text value.

Many data types as for example date and time are displayed as text in Ninox, but internally they are actually stored as a number or another specific data type. This is very helpful if you use this kind of data type for calculations or further processing.

But sometimes you need the entry as plain text to combine it with some other data types to return a specific text. It also helps you to access the text of the choice values of a multiple-choice field.






alert("Today is the " + text(today()))

Result: Alert pop-up box with Today is the 10/25/2021 on October 25, 2021.


Result: In progress

(with the choice field Status having selected a value with the content In progress)

See also

format, which formats a given value.

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