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The features apply to all platforms; exceptions are indicated.

Ninox 3.4 – July 5, 2021

For a detailed description of the changes, check our release blog.


  • Going forward, both public and private cloud APIs will follow the same structure Private Cloud

  • You can now get formatted output for choice fields and date styles by using the 'choicestyles' and 'datestyles' query parameters in your API calls

  • Multichoice fields can now be assigned to the list of choice IDs and choice values or a mix of both at the time of creating or updating


  • You can now get the thumbnails of a file by using the new endpoint below:


  • You can also easily get file information (metadata) like file name, size, modified date, and modifying user by using the new endpoint below:



Dynamic choice fields

  • can now be assigned to arrays and lists

  • will now display field value/s instead of Ids in Print Layout

  • will show numbers with the correct pre-selected format


  • The new waitForSync() function will ensure that the next synchronization cycle is finished before the execution of the rest of the code.

  • You can use the fileMetadata() function to get metadata of a specific file. The function allows you to extract information like name, size, and modified date.

  • You can use the shareFile() and shareView() functions to get shareable URLs so you can share files and different views, respectively.

Ninox 3.3 – March 16, 2021

For a detailed description of the changes, check our release blog.

  • Table references can now be displayed as combobox, radio buttons and switch.

  • A fully dynamic list can now be applied to combobox, radio buttons and switch through new Choice (dynamic) and Multiple Choice (dynamic) fields.

  • Fields can now bind to per session memory instead of records, particularly helping you with hiding or showing additional data using Yes/No fields.

  • Improved traceability of formula errors will help you figure out what went wrong with the formula.

  • You can now create URL links for your table views, specific tabs in the views, and individual records by simply using the new urlOf function.

  • The last week of December that runs till January next year has been added as week 53 of the current year, instead of week 1 of next year.

  • Function fields with script returning image field will now be editable in Print Layout Designer.

  • It's now possible to conduct another search in the search bar, without first canceling the previous search, by directly pasting the text into the search text box and hitting enter. Web, Mac

February 2, 2021

  • Selecting transparent in the color palette for the choice field will now reflect transparent instead of white.

  • File attachments with special characters in the name will not vanish in browser mode anymore.

  • From now on, the table view will not disappear after conducting a reference field search with no results. Web, Mac, iPad

  • openTable() function now works perfectly with hidden tables as well.

  • You can now schedule appointments without the calendar being partially cut-off at the corners. iPad

  • Ninox has become faster and more reliable with reduced instances of app crashes. Mac, iPad, iPhone

September 10, 2020

  • Function fields with script returning image field will now be editable in Print Layout Designer.

  • Calendar entries will not intermittently disappear upon reload/refresh.

  • From now on, creating and deleting views multiple times for a table will not break the user interface.

  • Changing connection server within the app won’t result in failure anymore. Android

  • Opening pdf attachments will no longer throw File format not recognized error. Android

  • Giving long names to the databases will no longer result in clipped database names in the view.

August 28, 2020

  • Upon launch, Ninox sometimes give a white screen that does not disappear—won’t happen anymore iPad

  • You will not lose the footer content (sum of the column) upon dragging and dropping the column within the table

  • You can now attach or rename an attached file with special characters in the name. The file will not vanish anymore.

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