An overview of text-related functions


To capitalize the first letter of each word


To return Yes (true) if the given value equals a given selection


To return all items of an array in one string


To check if a given string contains the exact given match


To create a text file with a given name and content


To extract a substring from a given string using a regular expression


To format a given value


To return a rich text representation of any value


To return the first position of appearance of a match in a string starting


To return a string consisting of all items of a given string array separated by a given separator


To return the count of all characters in a string or all items in an array


To output a string in lower case


To fill the missing space with a given padding at the beginning


To return the internal raw text representation of a given value


To replace a pattern in a string with a given replace.


To replace any "find" with "replace" in a "text"


To fill the missing space of the given padding at the end, if the length of a given string is shorter than a given length


To extract a sub-array


To split a string into an array at each separator


To convert a given value to a string


To return a styled text element


To return a new string out of a given text


To return a new string out of a given text with a given start and a given end


To return Yes (true) if a given text matches a given regular expression.


To convert a value to a string that possibly reflects the format options


To remove preceding and following spaces


To output a string in the upper case