We show you, step by step, everything that Ninox can do

To create your own applications, whether it’s an invoice management system, event calendar or customer management solution (CRM), you normally need detailed knowledge of at least one programming language.

With Ninox, though, you can

  • get started straight away without any prior programming skills or knowledge about coding and

  • easily create your own applications that are always flexible and customizable.

But before we get started, we would like to briefly familiarize you with a few terms, as these will keep cropping up.

We recommend that you simply click through the tutorial in sequence by pressing the Next ➡️button (on the bottom right-hand side).

Of course, you can also navigate to specific topics individually.

Now for the terms, you need to know, as you will keep coming across them ...

You will need about 10 minutes to read through the whole introduction carefully.

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