Adding and naming fields

A table consists of several fields, each of which holds information of the same type

We will now create a form with various fields in which we want to enter our data.

A form is another way of presenting a table. It is clearer to enter data in a form. Both are possible with Ninox, of course!


For our example, we need the following fields:

Field typeField name Explanation


This is where we will later enter the name of an event.


Event date


Number of participants


Here we will store various venues, from which you can then choose the one you need in each case.


The agenda for the respective event is stored here.

More information on the individual Field types


Here you can watch us do it. Watch and copy!


After you have dragged the corresponding fields from the right column to the center in the table settings, it should look like this.

Everything OK? Then weโ€™ll move on...

Like to delve deeper into the topic? Hereโ€™s the appropriate section in our video tutorial.

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