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Data missing in rendered report

This may be happening when unsupported characters are used or when Ninox field names and template variables do not match.

Tips for naming Ninox fields

Use CamelCase and underscore _ to write field names in a template. Any other characters and white spaces are not supported.

Quotation marks

The text editor you're using may replace quotation marks with ones that cannot be interpreted.

Tips for using quotation marks

To use the right quotation marks, perform the following manipulation and use only simple quotation marks (external help page).

Conditional formatters are adding empty lines (showBegin/hideBegin)

First solution

When using conditional formatters showBegin/showEnd or hideBegin/hideEnd, insert only break lines (shift + Enter).

2 ways to create a line

  1. Break line: The new line is part of the current paragraph by hitting shift + Enter. Behind the scenes, the XML doesn't need to reordered because everything is in the same paragraph.

  2. New line: Close the current paragraph and open a new one, the standard "command" is the Enter key. Creating a new paragraph automatically inserts a new line. The XML designing the document is getting complex and XML parts have to moved and reordered, which may leave some additional lines on the final report.

Second solution

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