To convert a given value to a number

It returns the values of different data types as a number. You can imagine this is needed quite often! ๐Ÿค“

The result depends on the data type. Some examples:

  • A text consisting only of digits is converted to a number, for example,

  • date and time are mapped in Unix time.

  • In an appointment, Ninox refers by default to the start, if you don't explicitly refer to the end with endof().

  • A time interval will be converted to milliseconds.

  • Applied to a choice field, it returns the number of the selected option.







Result: 1638226800000 (for example on November 30, 2021 in Germany)


Result: 75639 (the text is now a number and can be processed in further calculations)

See also

appointment, which converts given time-related values to an appointment.

date, converts to or returns a date value.

datetime, converts to or returns a timestamp

text, which converts a value to a string and possibly reflects the format options.

time, which returns the current time.

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