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Know how many licenses you need to add to your subscription


The contractual partner of Ninox, i.e., the one who pays and manages all licenses, is called an owner.

Everyone who's invited to a workspace (team) needs a license, so that they can all collaborate via Ninox Cloud.

An owner can be invited to other workspaces without paying for a license to join.

As a result, there's 2 collaborator types available in Ninox: members and contributors.

Owners are the contractual partners of Ninox and at the same time always members of their workspace (team). This means an owner needs to pay for their own license within their workspace.


A member's license is included in the subscription of that workspace (team) owner. The owner pays for the license of each member.

A member can be invited to any number of workspaces of that same owner. However, a member cannot be invited to a workspace of another owner—for that the member would need to pay for their own license.


Contributors have a separate subscription. For an owner of a workspace, this means that they do not need a license for those contributors.

Typical contributors are Ninox Partners, who assist a company in the use of Ninox, or the Ninox Support team, who may need access to your workspace for troubleshooting.

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