To return the first item of an array

You can access the first entry of an array with this function. This function comes in handy if you try to access a record in an array of records.

The record IDs of the tables are arranged differently in the multiple platforms. Therefore, different results are displayed according to each platform. This applies if the array consists of records.

If you combine the function with select and the respective array has more than 1 element, we recommend sorting the array first with order by .






first(["B", "A", "C"])

Result: B

first(select Customer)

Result: Returns the first record of the Customer table.

first((select Customer where substr('Last name', 0, 1) = "A") order by 'Last name')

Result: Returns the first record of the table Customer where the last name starts with an A.

See also

last, which returns the last item of an array.

item, which extracts a value of an array or an object.

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