To return Yes (true) if the database is synced with the Ninox cloud

With this function, you attempt to synchronize your data with the Ninox cloud.

If the attempt to synchronize your data with the cloud is not possible, it will return No (false). This could be the case if you have no internet connection when using a native app.

It will return Yes (true) if the data is already synchronized or the attempt was successful.

On the web app, this function will do nothing and always return Yes (true). It also has no effect and returns Yes (true) if executed on the server side, e.g. in a do as server block.

This function doesn't work in a formula field because it's modifying data.






Add this script in a button.

if waitForSync() then
    alert("Synchronization completed!")
    alert("Wait! Ninox is not done yet.")

Result: Depending on the state of the synchronization, you will receive one or the other alert message.

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