Export database

A number of options are available for exporting or backing up your data from Ninox

In general, you don't need to worry about your data. When you use Ninox Cloud, Ninox periodically creates automatic backups of your data, and you can restore them whenever you need them.

In addition, however, you may want to download or export your data for a couple of other reasons.

Export a database

Perform the following steps to export a database in a workspace in one go:

Go to the workspace overview, where you can see all databases of your workspace (team).

  1. Select Create backup.

  2. By default, all options except change history are selected in the following popup. So your backup automatically contains the following values:

    • all data

    • all attached files

    • all comments

  3. Click OK.

In the Manage backups popup, under Manual backups, find the latest backup at the top. Select the appropriate backup and click Download backup. Locate the file in your downloads.

The downloaded file is in the Ninox format (.ninox).


Export a table

Perform the following steps to export a table from a database in a workspace (team):

  1. Open the table you want to export.

  2. Select Export data from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the desired format (CSV or Excel) and click Download.


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