Hyperlinks can be applied dynamically to elements (texts, images, tables, list) for DOCX, ODT, ODS, and XLSX documents. Right-click the element and select "hyperlinks" to insert the marker.


  • โœ… expected behavior: text editor automatically replaces curly braces with special characters: %256B

  • โŒ a static URL and a URL coming from a marker, e.g., https://carbone.io{d.url}, cannot be inserted together

    • โœ…https://carbone.io is removed automatically and only {d.url} is kept

  • โŒ do not write the marker with curly braces in XLSX files

    • example: reduce {d.url} to d.url; if http:// appears before d.url, the hyperlink works

Before injecting hyperlinks dynamically on reports, the URL is verified whether it has a valid format.

The URL should contain:

  • โ€ผ๏ธ required: a root domain of length between 2 and 256

  • โ€ผ๏ธ required: a top level domain like .com, .org, .fr, or other

  • ๐Ÿ‘ optional: a protocol, either http:// or https://. If it doesn't exist the protocol https:// is added

If the provided URL is not valid, it is replaced by https://carbone.io/documentation.html#hyperlink-validation.

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