CSV import

An introduction to importing CSV files to Ninox

Importing data to Ninox

To import a CSV file to an existing or a new table in Ninox:

  1. Go to the database where you want to upload your CSV file.

  2. Click on Import Data.

  3. The Import Wizard opens and you click the Import CSV file button in the Import data pop-up.

  4. Select the appropriate file on your device and click Open, follow the prompts until you see your data, and click the Import now button in the bottom right corner to import your data. Done! πŸŽ‰

That was the quick tour! On the way, you have certainly seen that you can do much more there.

Using the import wizard

Using the Import Wizard (we named the pop-up this way for simplicity), you can set various options.

Data source settings

Help the Import Wizard by giving it details about the data you want to import.

If you want to import dates, specify the format of the dates to be imported, if possible so that they can be transferred correctly.

Import settings

Specify which data should be imported and what exactly should happen to it.

Click Next and the following pop-up appears:

Naming the table

In the next step, name the table and assign fields.

If you import data into an existing table, matching field names are automatically assigned to each other.

After that, you will see a preview of the data to be imported. Click Import now. Done! πŸŽ‰

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