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Updated colors and a new color picker in 3.12

In version 3.12, we're introducing more options for color input, a new color palette, and an in-built color picker.

There is no additional steps required to use the new color palette in 3.12 when you update from 3.11.

Please note that the old color palette still appears in buttons, free text, headers, and the formula field's style picker.

What's changing in 3.12

We've added new features to improve your color customization. This update includes more color input options, a redesigned color palette, and a built-in color picker for more precise color selection.

You'll find a wider range of color presets, can use different color codes, and will notice a more intuitive interface.

Whether you're updating from version 3.11 or using Ninox for the first time, these changes are designed to make using colors simpler and more effective.

Key updates

Hereโ€™s whatโ€™s new in the latest update:

  • We've increased the number of color presets from 12 to 30, and now you can access all of them from one location.

  • Choose colors using HSL, HEX, CSS names, or plain text, along with the existing RGB option.

  • Select colors directly from your screen with the built-in color picker. The selected color is immediately applied to the element; adding colors to the palette will be available in a future update.

  • The updated user interface simplifies color customization, helps you locate colors quickly, and makes your work process faster.

Where you'll see the previous color palette

  • Button field

  • Free text

  • Header

  • Style picker in Formula field

Where you'll see the new color picker

  • Color field

  • Choice field

  • Multiple choice field

  • Signature field

  • Kanban view

  • Tab settings pop-up

  • Background settings in Options tab on workspace level

  • Background settings in Options tab on database level

  • Name/Rename database pop-up

  • Conditional formatting pop-up

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