Reconnect modularized databases

The Ninox 3.11 release introduces a simplified way to reconnect modularized databases imported to another workspace

Reconnecting modularized databases is available for Private Cloud and On-Premises.

In Ninox 3.10, we introduced an important improvement, the transaction do as database ... end designed to simplify the transfer of data between databases. This transaction removed the need for complex API workarounds. Building upon this progress, Ninox 3.11 brings an essential new feature focused on the reconnection of modularized databases.

Before the update

  • Reconnecting databases was a long, manual process. When you imported a database backup to a new workspace, you had to manually reconnect each relationship, sometimes doing it over and over for the same database.

  • When you downloaded and then uploaded a database to a new workspace, its ID would change because it was in a new workspace. This made the tables not recognize each other anymore, and you had to reconnect them again by hand.

  • When something went wrong during this process, you wouldn't get any error messages. This meant you might not even realize there was a problem.

After the update

  • The whole process is now built into Ninox itself, making everything smoother and avoiding the need for complicated steps or outside tools.

  • It's mostly automated now, which saves a lot of time and hassle that used to go into managing relationships.

  • You don't have to use temporary fixes to reconnect databases anymore.

  • Everything updates on its own, so you don't have to manually keep track of maintenance.

  • Instead of the old, complicated multi-step process of reconnecting databases, there's now just a few simple steps.

  • It's easier to spread out your data across different workspaces, making your databases more flexible.

  • If errors pop up, you'll see messages explaining what went wrong, making it easier to fix issues.

Access reconnection

For this example, we connected 2 databases from our templates: Onboarding and Time tracking.

The actual process of reconnecting your databases may vary slightly.

  1. In the workspace overview, click the Reconnect database (1) tile.

  1. In the Reconnect database pop-up, click the dropdown menu (2) to select the database you want to reconnect.

  1. From the dropdown menu, choose the desired database, here it's Onboarding (3).

  1. Click the Next (4) button to proceed.

  1. On the next screen, you'll see Onboarding is ready to be reconnected and that it has relationships with other databases. Choose the desired restored version, here it's Time tracking (5).

  1. Click the Continue to reconnect (6) button.

  1. Finally, confirm the reconnection by clicking the Confirm reconnect (7) button.

  1. Once the reconnection is successful, you'll see a confirmation message stating Onboarding is successfully reconnected. Click OK (8) to close the pop-up.

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