To convert a value to a phone value

With this function, you can display a formula field as a phone field with a call button. By clicking on the button, you can place a call via your phone client.

There is no validation if the passed content is a phone number indeed.

This is quite useful if you have a text which contains a phone number, and you'd like to extract the phone number to convert it to a callable phone number.






phone(myNumber) To convert a number to a phone value.


Result: The phone number will be shown as a phone field (see above) where you can place a phone call directly.

phone(string) To convert a string to a phone value.


Result: +1 212 567 89 10 (Shows the phone number of the linked table Customer.

One more example

You receive a message like this:

Hey Claudia,

here’s my phone number: +49 30 123 456 78.

Please give me a call, so we can discuss what we will include in our next presentation.

Kind regards, Sam

With a regular expression, you filter the phone number, which will be shown in your respective formula field.

phone(extractx(Message, "\+(\d|\s)+\d"))

Result: +49 30 123 456 78 (Extracts the phone number out of the text message and shows it in a field with the call button.

See also

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