Adding fields with Ninox script

Following we would like to show you more opportunities to fit your printing page. We would like to explain the feature to you with an example. The initial position is a table with the vollowing values:
You need to click on the row which you would like to print in your table, afterwords please switch to the Print formular task bar via the the following button:
As a result you should receive a sheet including these information. As shown above, you can create, shift and delete fields.
In this case it would be an idea to multiply the value of Current discount by the value of Price. It would be meaningful to create a new field name Price with discount and another one where the result should be displayed. To start your calculation, you need to double-click on the result field.
If you click on the Settings button
a new window opens and we can move to Calculate to enter our code.
Via drag & drop it is possible to draw the necessary items to editing field in the Visual mode. One example how the problem could be solved:
If you prefer entering your code yourself and not via drag & drop, please change to the Text mode. The same calculation would look like this:
All in all the final result should look like this:
Now you can decide if you just would like to print the current sheet or all lines of the table. For more information, please go to the Print formular paragraph.