Importing data from Bento

Bento Template Import

In order to migrate your data from Bento to Ninox, you’ll need the BentoToNinox converter. You can download it for free from the following link:
Step 1: Export a Bento Library as a Bento Template
  • Start Bento
  • Choose a library
  • Click on File => Export…
  • Choose “Template”
  • Check any item in the list “Include these related libraries”
  • Also, check the “Include records in template” option
  • Click on “Next” to save everything in a “.bentoTemplate” file
Step 2: Convert the Bento Template to a Ninox Archive
  • Start
  • Choose the “.bentoTemplate” file
  • A “.ninox” file will be created in the same directory
Step 3: Import the Ninox Archive
  • Double-click on the “.ninox” file to import it into Ninox
  • If you want to import it on your iPad:
    • Send the file by email to your own account
    • Open Mail on your iPad
    • Select the mail
    • Tap on the file
    • Tap on “Open in Ninox”


BentoToNinox will migrate your data with a best-effort approach. It supports tables (libraries), fields, table relations (related data) as well as media files. However, some things won’t be migrated:
  • Adress Book
  • Collections / smart collections: Make use of Ninox’ table view features to recreate your collections.
  • Form layouts: Due to Ninox’ different approach to forms, layout information cannot be migrated. Ninox will generate automatic layouts but you may have to rework these.
  • Some field otpions like number format: You can easily fix that within Ninox afterwards.
  • Calculations: You’d need to recreate calculated fields in Ninox
  • Contact list fields: Address, Phone Number, Email Address, URL, IM Account
If you experience any problem with conversion of your data,
please contact us: [email protected].