Importing attachments
This chapter shows how to import attachments. This feature is useful to attach many files in one swoop into a table.
Besides data fields, also files can be attached to records.
With the Ninox Admin Tool you can add many attachments at once to a table. This requires a consistent naming of the files to be attached.


1. Download Ninox Admin Tool and start it from your download folder.
2. Prepare files
Create a folder where you put the files to be attached. Maintain a consistent naming of the individual files.
3. Prepare Table
Put in the table of their database, a column that contains the names of files to be uploaded.
4. Save as “Archive”
Save your database as a Ninox file. Just click on the home page of your database on the menu button in the top left and choose “Save As Archive”.
Select a name in the following dialog and confirm.
5. Open the file with the Ninox Admintool
a. Now switch back to the Admin Tool. Click “Open Database” and select the Ninox file.
b. Choose the table to which you want to attach your file.
c. Choose in “Key Field” the column that contains the names of files to be uploaded.
d. Click on “Import Directory” and choose the folder containing the files.
e. In the next dialog you will see the assignments of files to their table.
f. Click “Import Files”.
g. Now save the database with the imported files by clicking on “Save Database”.
h. Select a new name for your database and then save the Ninox file.
6. Open the new Ninox file by double-clicking to import them back into Ninox.
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