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To extract a value of an array or an object
With this function, you can access a specific element in an array or JSON object based on a given index or key.
The index of the first element in an array is 0, the second element is 1, etc.
A key in a JSON object might be a string or a number.


item([any], number)
item(JSON, number)
item(JSON, string)




item(myArray, choice) To extract a single item of an array, where the index is zero-based.
item(["Apple", "Cucumber" , "Orange"], 1)
Result: Cucumber
item(split("Ninox Software GmbH,Monbijouplatz 5,10178 Berlin", ","), 0)
Result: Ninox Software GmbH (with "," being the separator and "0" for the first entry. "1" would return "Monbijouplatz 5").
item(myJSON, key) To extract the value of a key-value pair of a given JSON object. The key might be a string or a number.
let data := {
firstName: "Steve",
lastName: "Rogers"
item(data, "firstName")
Result: Steve

See also

first, which returns the first item of an array.
last, which returns the last item of an array.
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