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To check if a given string contains the exact given match
This function helps you to check if a given string of any length contains the exact match you are looking for. This is case-sensitive, so you might use upper or lower to format your text first.
The result is true (“Yes”) for an exact match or false (“No”) for no exact match found.
Use this function to search for keywords in text fields, or if in a multiple-choice field, a specific option was selected.
In case you are not only searching for a specific string but also need its position, you might want to use the index function.


contains(string, string)




contains(myText, match) To check if a given string contains the exact given match.
contains("Hello world!", "Hello")
Result: Yes (true)
contains("Hello world!", "hello")
Result: No (false)
contains(lower("Hello world!"), "hello")
Result: Yes (true)

See also

index, which returns the first position of appearance of the match in the string.
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