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To open a pop-up with an alert message
This function will trigger a pop-up with an alert message and an OK button.
You can use this function to display information to the user, which they need to confirm if they want to continue.
If you need to provide options for the user to choose from, we recommend dialog().
The function doesn't work if it's executed on the server. So using this function in a do as serverblock doesn't work. It works fine when used without a do as server block on a button. Learn more about execution context​
If you call this function more than once within the same script, only the last function call will be executed, so the user has only one box to confirm.

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alert("I am a pop-up. Please click 'OK' to confirm.")
Result: Add the code block to a formula field, and you'll get a popup with an OK button.
Result of the example
alert("This is the time at this very moment: " + time(now()) + ".")
Result: This is the time at this very moment: 17:18. (will show the exact time when the popup is triggered.

​dialog, which pops up a dialog with answer options.
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