Formula editor features
An overview of all basic features the formula editor offers as of version 3.6.0
At the moment, the new formula editor features are available for the web app ( as well as the Mac app.

Line numbers are displayed in the left margin of the formula editor window.

Line numbers are always visible by default.

Line numbers are visible by default

Indents a code block automatically.

Takes your code and prettifies it to conform to a consistent style. Wraps code and adds or removes white space when necessary.

Access the formula editor to format existing code, click OK to leave the editor. The next time you open the formula editor again, this code appears newly formatted.

Code in the upper image is poorly formatted. After saving changes, code in the lower image is formatted consistently

While you type, a pop-up appears next to the cursor displaying suggestions to complete your script.

To select the first option from the list, press the ENTER key.
To select another option, use the arrow keys, then confirm your selection with the ENTER key.

Suggestions to auto-complete your script appear while you type

While you type, text is highlighted in different colors.
String (text)
Built-in value
Data type

To trigger syntax highlighting, type an expression.

Different syntax is highlighted in its designated color

The current location of the written code is displayed above the formula editor's contents.

The location is displayed automatically.

The position of the code is displayed in the upper-left corner, just above the contents of the window

Displays errors and warnings while you script and suggest corrections.

While you type, gutter line numbers with erroneous code are highlighted and the code itself is underlined in red. To reveal the error message, hover above the line number.
When you make a syntax error, the formula editor only highlights the first error, even when more syntax error follow that first one. This happens because the following script cannot be parsed due to the preceding syntax error. When you make a reference error, the formula editor highlights each error independently of its position in the script. So, when a syntax error precedes a reference error, only the foregoing syntax error is highlighted.

The line number highlighted in red and the erroneous code is underlined in red Hover above the line number to reveal the corresponding error mess

Search and replace text, variables, and expressions within a code block. Works for
  • Match Whole Word,
  • Match Case, and
  • Use Regular Expression.

To search, enter text in the search bar or press CMD+F (macOS) or Ctrl+F (Windows).

A preview of the search and replace feature

Highlights corresponding parentheses and automatically completes open parentheses.

To visually locate a parenthesis' match, use the arrow keys to select a parenthesis and highlight its counterpart.
To auto-complete parentheses, type an opening parenthesis.
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