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Updating multiple values

This is a handy feature to update and change many records at once. It is useful if you want to change the field type or add new fields to the table with values from other fields.
  • Click on the tab of your data view to open the dialogue.
First of all, you can choose which records to update.
  • Click on the bottom left on the drop down menu.
There are two options to choose from. Update visible records will affect all records that are currently visible in your data view. Update selected rows will only affect rows you have selected. To select rows click on the left of your data view and set a check mark as you see some in the screenshot above.

Options to change records:

  • Select from the drop down menu next to each data field.
Don’t change will leave the field as it is.
Assign constant value will give the same value to all selected fields.
Assign calculated value allows to use a formula. This is useful if you need to transfer a field from number to text for example. Also if you like to combine two fields into one.
Empty field will empty all values.
  • Now click on next to get on the import preview.
In the preview you see the impact of your changes marked in blue. In this example a formula was used to combine Last and First Name into one Field with the full name.