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Data backup

Ninox Cloud

Ninox Cloud automatically creates a backup of your databases every day. These data is going to be saved for 14 days. If you need to restore them, please contact our support via [email protected].
However it is possible to manually create backups which can make much sense: Sometimes you would like to test out something new and you are not sure about the consequences. In the main overview of your databases you can click on the arrow close to your database and select Create backup:
The backup gets the same name than your original database. Also the information who created the database at which thime is displayed in the backup menu.
Please click on this item to get an overview of all your stored backups. You can download, delete and of course restore them. The original version is never going to be overwritten. Instead of this, always another version is going to be displayed with the ending (Restore) in the name of the database.

Local backup

Using a Mac, creating automatized backups is very easy with Time Machine. You also can save every single database as an archive manually. Therefore you need to click on Save archive.
To reuse saved archives please select Import archive.
Ninox also supports the data backup via iCloud. The procedure is identical with the local backup.